Adroit 2230

Slope Stabilization Vehicle
2 Booms
Drilling Work up to 20 m Height
Shotcrete and Grouting System up to 25 m Height
Compressor Capacity of 9,2 m3/min

Adroit 2230 is designed to be used for slope stabilisation applications. Especially taking into consideration all challenging situations that might be encountered during highway and railway construction, it’s developed to operate at elevations dif cult to reach. The most important feature of Adroit 2230 is it’s multifunctionality. Four functions including bolt drilling, basket platform,

grouting and shotcrete application all are in one single vehicle. One of two booms on the frame with driller does drilling jobs up to 20 m height in areas dif cult to reach. The other boom has a basket platform, concrete spraying unit and grouting system can work up to 25 m height.

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