Adroit 520W

4×4 Basket Platform
1000 kg + 2 Personnel Boom Lift Capacity
Deutz 74.5kW Diesel Engine
Powershift Drive System

Adroit 520W is designed to facilitate the applications in underground mines, metro tunnels, highway and railway tunnels rail systems, tunnel face and ceiling. It’s ideal for ventilation systems, electromechanical installations as well as grouting and dynamite charging applications. When the boom is fully opened the lifting capacity of the basket is 300 kg + 2 persons and reaching height is 11 m.

Using the basket when the boom fully closed, carrying capacity is 1000 kg load + 2 persons. The vehicle haulage has a carrying capacity of 2 tons. Audible and visul warning system of the basket ensures safe operation during the application. 4WD powershift drive system and suspended seat provides safe and comfortable drive for the operator in dif cult ground conditions.

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