Company Profile

Tünelmak is founded in 2010 by Yıldırım Hydraulics which has been producing hydraulic cylinders and systems for the construction machinery, maritime, crane, steel-iron, and mining sectors for 40 years.

The product range includes diverse tunneling and mining machines by offering 4×4 shotcrete machines, 4×4 concrete transmixers, 4×4 underground utility vehicles, 4×4 underground logistic carriers and custom made machines for challenging projects.

Tünelmak performs manufacturing in compliance with global norms and continues manufacturing process by carrying out necessary quality controls at each stage of manufacturing. Reserving a considerable budget for innovation each year, Tünelmak develops value added projects for the sector through comprehensive R&D activities.

As of 2023 the company has 27 different tunneling and mining machinery models, a market leader in the segment of shotcrete machines in Turkey and exports more than 20 countries.

Tünelmak’s machinery stands out in the market due to their high quality, innovative design and durability. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, its products deliver superior performance and longevity along with fastest service and spare part delivery.

Integrity in Commercial Activities

The foundation of our values is to display an open and fair treatment towards our collaborators, to respect them and to perform business in compliance with the code of ethics.


Our objective is to ensure continuity of all of our products and services. Regardless of work hours, we endeavor to accompany our customers whenever they need.


The key to our success is our interest and trust in innovation. We are aiming at developing new products to provide maximum benefit by identifying needs.

Positive Effect

We aim at working in such a manner that each party that we are in contact with will be provided with added value; we perform our business with a positive perspective, targeting to create the same effect on other parties.


We aim at realizing the growth target of our company by protecting the environment and maintaining the quality of life for all people on earth.
R & D

Allocating a significant amount of budget for innovation each year, Tunelmak cooperates with universities and prepares R&D projects in collaboration with academicians specialized on mechanics, hydraulics and geology.

Tunelmak has a number of projects supported by Tubitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and successfully completed.

Tunelmak creates all machinery designs by their own means and has their own Industrial Design and Utility Model Registrations for each model that they manufacture. The company has two international patents for some of the systems and parts of machines.

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Spare Parts Production
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Focusing on customer satisfaction as their primary subject of activity, Tunelmak performs manufacturing in compliance with global norms and continues manufacturing process by carrying out necessary quality controls at each stage of manufacturing.
To ensure efficiency and continuity of the Quality Management System, the company receives consultancy service from parties specialized in their fields. All of Tunelmak machines have the certificates required by universal operating conditions and statutory legislation.

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