Adroit 420AH

4×4 Articulated Shotcrete Machine

22 m3/h Shotcrete Pumping Capacity
13.5 m Lateral, 16 m Vertical Reach
6 m3/min Compressor Capacity
Perkins 74.5 kW Diesel Engine
Hydrostatic Drive System

Adroit 420AH is designed as a 4×4 off-road type articulated shotcrete machine. It can easily reach points in tunnels and mines that large machines fail to reach. Adroit 420AH fully designed according to site conditions with a quite simple designs ensures the bene t of being maintained at the work site through the user. The articulated chassis has 4 wheel drive. Machines are fully equipped with lifting cylinder, telescopic boom system, rotation group, water & admixture pumps and tanks, energy cable reel, compressor on the platform.

Hydrostatic system allows user to have max. speed – max. torque by variable  ow pump and hydromotor. According to road and land conditions, gear options can be chosen as fast or slow. Ideal choice for work sites where high speed performance is required and construction areas, which have dif cult ground conditions.

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