Adroit 007 / 007C / 007S

Stationary Shotcrete Pumps
7 m³/h shotcrete pumping capacity
6 m³/min compressor capacity

Sprayed dry concrete machines, which are still in use in present, both threaten human health and increase cost of concrete due to material wastage since they produce excessive dust during application. Being produced to eliminate these problems, Adroit 007 series shotcrete machines are suitable for manual operation and they absolutely do not generate any dust during application. Adroit 007 series, have 8 m³/h concrete pumping capacity. Easy-to-operate

Adroit 007 series are ideal for narrow pro led tunnels where truck mounted equipments and 4×4 vehicles are not able to access as well as being low rebound machinery with low cost of operation and maintenance. By virtue of all of these reasons Adroit 007 series is one of the most preferred shotcrete machines in the construction industry.

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