Adroit 250E/G - 230E/G

Truck Mounted Shotcrete Machines
30 m3/h - 30 m3/h Shotcrete Pumping Capacity
13.5 m Lateral, 16 m Vertical Reach
9.2 m3/min Compressor Capacity

230E/G and 250E/G series Adroits are mobile, on vehicle shotcrete machines, which can travel on highways. Compact concrete pumping unit, folding telescopic boom, additive and water pumps and tanks, cable reel, compressor and all other required accessories are assembled on the vehicle. According to demand of user, generator can be added on the vehicle. Adroit 250E/G offers shotcrete and concrete pumping features together by its special design concrete pumping unit.

Standard pumping capacity is 30 m3/h and concrete pumping capacity is adjustable.

Adroit 230E/G has pumping capacity of 22m3/h and contains all standard components. Truck mounted Adroits eliminate the transportation problem between the construction sites and able to work immediately after the arrival.

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