Adroit 016ER / 016DR

Stationary Shotcrete Pumps with Boom
16 m3/h Shotcrete Pumping Capacity
7.5 m Spraying Boom Reach
Perkins 36 kW Diesel Engine or 37 kW Electric Motor

The dry shotcrete machines currently in use nowadays cause an excessive amount of dust during implementation, which is not only a threat to human health but gives rise to waste of materials resulting in increased concrete costs. The Adroit 016 series produced to solve these problems comprises stationary type shotcrete machines which are user-friendly and do not cause any dust at all during application.

The machines have a concrete pumping capacity of 16m3/h. The Adroit 016 series is an ideal solution for narrow pro le tunnels not accessible by truck

mounted pumps or 4×4 vehicles, and notably for open surface applications. The series is characterized with low rebound, coupled with low operating and maintenance costs.

Thus, the Adroit 016 series has been one of the most preferred shotcrete machines in the construction sector. Unlike other stationary type shotcrete pumps, Adroit 016 series are equipped with a chassis mounted telescopic boom. With a standard boom length of 7.5 m, the machine’s boom range can be increased optionally.

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