Adroit 412

Shotcrete Distributor
Telescopic boom system capable of moving round by 360° and vertically by 55°
300L Accelerator Tank
Dosing Pump

AAdroit 412 is designed to perform wet and dry shotcrete application fast and ef ciently on rough terrains, at shaft applications, in stairs tunnels and the parts of underground mines that are dif cult to access and on highly inclined slopes where truck-mounted, 4×4 robot and stationary shotcrete pumps and concrete mixers cannot reach. Also, it is an ideal solution for ground applications and earthquake retro tting works. Adroit 412 can make 360° shotcreting, up to 16 m diameter shaft applications. Thanks to its towing crane with rope, it can be easily positioned on the application sites where other vehicles cannot reach.

The shotcrete that is conveyed to Adroit 412 through concrete pipe line and by Adroit shotcrete pumps can be easily applied by means of a cable / radio remote control. Adroit 412 is fully equipped with tower turning system, telescopic boom, nozzle rotation group, radio remote control system, accelerator tank and pump, mechanical handbrake and hydraulic stabilizer cylinders. It’s compatible with shotcrete and concrete pumps of any brand up to 30 m3.

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